DOD RC500S-2CH 32GB Dash Cam


Front & Rear Mount Dash Cam

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DOD Feature ListDual Full HD @ 30FPS

Capture the most critical details with 1080P recording. With high quality video, you can see every moment in detail for when you need it most.Expanded ISO Range up


Expanded ISO Range up to ISO 12800

With an increased ISO range of up to 12800, your night time vision remains superb and still holds the clarity required for capturing important details.

145° Ultra Wide View Angle

DOD cameras incorporate a 145° Wide View Angle so all of the details are captured on screen. Many incidents can occur on the side of the screen, and with a smaller angle you may not record the details you require.

Large f/1.6 Aperture with Super Low-Light Performance

A larger aperture means you allow more light into the camera, which provides enhanced night time vision recording. DOD features the largest aperture available on the market.

Advanced WDR Technology Stunning Video in Any Light

WDR, or Wide-Dynamic-Range, creates a well balanced exposure for all conditions. It makes your night shots brighter, whilst also reducing strong exposure from light to achieve the most crystal clear video.

WiFi Connectivity

Connect to your DOD camera seamlessly with the mobile application available on both iPhone and Android systems. Control your device in the palm of your hand and adjust any settings you require.

Free DOD Smartphone Application

The DOD Smartphone Application is available on both iPhone and Android systems, giving you the best of both worlds. In the DOD App, you can adjust settings, play back footage and even save files to your phone. Having access to your DOD camera has never been easier.

Speed Camera Alerts

Don’t get caught while you are out on the road; DOD will alert you to nearby fixed speed cameras so that you can avoid any nasty traps.

Parking Surveillance Mode

Ensuring your peace of mind by recording continually even when you have parked and left your car alone. If an unusual bump or event is recorded, this will be locked to your mSD card to be viewed later.
*DOD DP4 hardwiring kit required.

WindshieldCAMSpeedy GPS Processor

Speed and location are some of the most important factors in an incident. With a faster GPS in your dash cam, never worry about poor connectivity again.

G-Sensor Automatic Trigger for File Protection

The in-built, high quality G-Sensor will trigger event files when in the event of sudden-braking or a crash. These files will be locked to the card and be unable to be overwritten.

Manual File-lock

Important event files are locked and kept securely, requiring manual deletion only. Critical moments can be safely locked to the SD card to prevent important files from being overwritten.


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