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No sound when watching Television

Check Head Unit is switched to “AUX”

Check AV selector is switched to “TV/DVD”

No DVD picture, but sound through speakers.

Check TV Source is set to AV

Check AV selector is switched to “TV/DVD”.

No VAST picture on TV.

Check TV Source is set to AV

Check AV selector is switched to “VAST”


VAST decoder not responding

After channel scan, the SATKING decoder will default to “STANDBY” mode. – “NO SIGNAL” will displayed on the TV and the “TIME” will be displayed on the SATKING Decoder.

Turn the SATKING on by pressing the “POWER BUTTON”

Use the SATKING remote to change VAST channels

Note: The “BLUE BUTTON” on the SATKING remote is the power ON/OFF

Oyster Satellite system won't lock on. (Spinning)

(Applicable to units purchased after August 2013)

* Ensure Satellite Dish has a clear unobstructed view of the North to North East Sky.

Press “?” button on Oyster controller “MAIN MENU” will be displayed, press right> until “LOCATION” is displayed.

Press “?” button again. Use > button to to find your current location.

Press “?” button, display will show “STORED”, use > to find “AUTO-SEARCH”

Press “?” to initiate new search.

No Digital TV Reception

Make sure TV is set to DTV

Wingard Antenna users ensure Winegard Power Injector (White wall plate in overhead cupboard – BUSHTRACKER) is switched on. (Green Light will be illuminated)

Do “AUTO SCAN” for TV channels in current area


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