BlackVue R100 Reverse Camera Adaptor



Add a back-up function to your BlackVue Rear Camera
– Compatible with DR650GW-2CH & Truck
– Will work with any LCD with V-in connection
– Optional LCD Screen available
– Continuous rear feed or reverse only modes



BlackVue R100 Reversing Camera Kit

The new R100 reversing camera kit is the ultimate accessory for your BlackVue camera. By installing the R-100 and LCD screen (optional) you can now use the rear camera as a reversing camera!

The system works by continuing to function as a dash camera, recording & storing video as usual. While the rear camera’s video feed will appear on the LCD screen once your car goes into reverse (installation required). Alternatively you can also have a constant live feed showing up on the LCD screen to give you constant surveillance of the rear.

Like a reversing camera, the R-100 kit will reverse the image on the front display, but not on the recorded video footage so license plates are not in reverse.