ERPS E6000 Electronic Rust Protection System


Electronic Rust Protection



6 Coupler Kit

This system has been specifically tailored to protect medium/large vehicles, such as 4WD’s & SUV’s from rust. The system is designed to prevent corrosion in the harshest environments such as beach driving, salted roads, snow and general coastline driving.

This system is suitable for new or used vehicles, offering a high level of protection and a comprehensive 10-year product warranty.


ERPS has been manufacturing Electronic Rust Prevention Systems in Australia since 1996. They have had the privilege of dealing with thousands of amazing customers, worldwide, who have helped establish themselves as a leader in the industry. Throughout, they have been on a mission to improve and develop their systems and ensure that they are delivering the absolute best product for their customers.

What is rust?

Rust definition: Rusting refers to the form of corrosion found in Iron and its alloys. Over time, Oxygen steals Electrons from Iron and causes it to rust. This process can be pretty tricky to understand, but put simply:

Iron + Oxygen = Rust



How does ERPS stop rust?

The process of rusting is a naturally occurring chemical reaction, with electrical properties. Simply put, electrons escape from unprotected metal, combine with atmospheric molecules and rust begins. The ERPS system applies a negative charge to the body of the vehicle.

As a negative charge is electron rich, it replaces lost electrons to the steel which slows or prevents rust by lowering the metal’s voltage potential. As a result, the metal becomes less reactive and therefore less likely to corrode.

How does the system work?

The ERPS system consists of an Electron Generator that is attached to a series of Electro-Couplers.

Generator –Hard wired to the vehicle battery, drawing a small current (approx 20 milliamps).

Couplers – The distribution point for the charge.



The Electron Generator steps up the battery voltage and transfers this charge to the electro couplers. The couplers become charged and act as the positive plate of a capacitor, whilst the vehicle structure is induced to act as the negative side of a capacitor.

This simple capacitive effect caused by the ERPS generator and couplers causes the metal of the vehicle to become negatively charged. A negative charge is electron rich, thus supplying an excess of electrons to the body of the vehicle, slowing or stopping the rust reaction.



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