Pioneer GM-D9605 5 Channel Amplifier


Pioneer 5 Channel Amplifier


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Pioneer GM-D9605

5 Channel Amplifier

Class-D 5-Channel Amplifier with Wired Bass Boost Remote

Pioneer GM-D9605

• 2,000 Watts Max Power
• Block Terminal
• Variable High Pass and Low Pass Filters
• Equipped with A/B-SW Input Select

The Pioneer GM-D9605  5-channel amplifier produces impressive power in an all-in-one solution designed to deliver big sound without sacrificing space.

Ideal for any vehicle including compact vehicles and pick-up trucks with limited real estate, the GM-D9605 also offers installation flexibility for a variety of other applications including boats and ATVs/UTVs.




The 5-channel amplifier is rated at 2000 watts max with the A and B channels rated at 75 watts x 4 (RMS) and the subwoofer output rated at 600 watts at 2 (RMS).

Compared to similarly priced multi-channel amplifiers, the variable crossover networks on the Pioneer GM-D9605 offer increased flexibility and give listeners more control.

Block terminals for a cleaner installation and direct wire contact minimising resistance.





For extra flexibility, a variable LPF makes audio frequency more adjustable according to subwoofer characteristics and personal listening preferences.

The Pioneer GM-D9605 LPF is adjustable from 40 Hz to 240 Hz.






The Pioneer GM-D9605 also features a Bass Boost Remote for optimal bass level adjustment according to listening preferences and music characteristics.






The Pioneer GM-D9605’s speaker level inputs allow simplify integration into existing aftermarket or factory installed (OEM) integrated entertainment systems so you can connect your OEM unit (or any unit that doesn’t have the typical RCA-type inputs) without having to buy add-on adapters.

So, the install goes faster, you save money, and you’ve got a Pioneer amp in your vehicle.

Pioneer GM-D9605 – MAIN FEATURES

Number of channels 5/4/3/2
Max. Wattage (4ohm) 150W x 4 (A-/B-Ch) / 700W x 1 (Subwoofer-Ch)
Max. Wattage (2ohm) 200W x 4 (A-/B-Ch) / 1,200W x 1 (Subwoofer-Ch)
Max. Wattage Bridged (4ohm) 400W x 2
Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 50kHz (A-/B-Ch) / 10Hz ~ 500Hz (Subwoofer-Ch)
Wattage RMS (4ohm<=1% THD+N) 75W x 4 (A-/B-Ch) / 350W x 1 (Subwoofer-Ch)
Wattage RMS (2ohm <=1% THD+N) 100W x 4 (A-/B-Ch) / 600W x 1 (Subwoofer-Ch)
Wattage RMS Bridged(4ohm) 200W x 2
Total Harmonic Distortion (1 kHz, 4ohm) <0.05% (A-/B-Ch: 1kHz) / SUB CH: <0.05% (100Hz)
Signal-to-Noise ration (IHF-A Weighted) >94 dB
RCA Outputs (Pass-Through)
Speaker Level Input Yes
Automatic Signal Sensing & Turn On Yes
Crossover Type Variable LPF/HPF
Crossover Frequency 40Hz to 240Hz
Dimensions 315mm x 60mm x 200mm