Pioneer TS-D1730C 6.5″ Component Speaker Package (260W Max)

Pioneer Component Speakers

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This product has been discontinued.


Pioneer TS-D1730C

17cm Component Speaker Package (260W Max)

Pioneer TS-D1730C

Speakers are the only part of your car entertainment system you can actually hear. Which is why upgrading your existing speakers mostly results in a significantly improved sound quality. Pioneer puts their passion to work with their latest D-Series speakers. Pioneer have crafted the TS-D1730C component speaker system with an intention toward more open and smooth sound, so you’ll hear all the distinctive details from the recording process that an artist wanted you to hear.

• 260 Watts Max Power
• Twaron® Aramid Fiber Cone Provides Strength and Durability for Powerful Sound
• High-Quality Crossover Network
• Installation Speaker Mounting Adapters Included

What is “Open & Smooth” Sound?™

Open-and-Smooth_logo_125x90The “Open & Smooth” sound concept of our industry-leading speakers delivers both sonic excellence and performance. The open-staging and smooth transition of driver response makes for an immersive experience that is truly the ultimate in-car sound.

Open: Open staging and sound characteristics enhance the widening effect that extends way beyond the space between speakers.
Smooth: With smooth transitions between mid-bass and tweeter, sound from these speakers is not marred by crossover frequency dips.


Twaron® Aramid Fibre Cone and Elastic Polymer Surround

Twaron_logoThe new cone and surround on the Pioneer TS-D are constructed from Twaron woven cloth that is hardened and shaped to produce a rigid, yet low mass cone with excellent dampening characteristics.

Twaron is a synthetic aramid fibre which is very strong, heat resistant, and rigid when woven into a cloth material. Strength and rigidity are important to maintain cone shape at higher powers. Damping is critical to improving the responsiveness and accuracy. Maintaining low mass improves sensitivity or efficiency.

Adding an elastic polymer surround and bullet shaped phase plug, the TS-D woofers demonstrate quicker response with superior midrange extension and a very natural sound.

Twaron® is a registered trade mark of Teijin Aramid BV.


Tweeter – Small size, Big Sound

The new 0.9 inch tweeters on the TS-D components maintain an exceptionally open and smooth sound quality with silky reproduction of higher frequencies. The design of the TS-D tweeters include a soft dome diaphragm and surround constructed out of lightweight woven fibres, for increased sensitivity and improved response. In addition, the tweeter is designed with a larger rear chamber and rounded over flange, for extended frequency range and wider dispersion. To fit in the various tweeter locations found in vehicle doors and dashboards, the tweeters have a compact 1-1/2 inch outside mounting diameter and a mounting depth of only 7/8ths of an inch. The tweeters also feature an integrated grille to aid installation behind vehicle OE (Original Equipment) tweeter locations.


Installation Friendly Crossover

crossover-icon_dJKhzDuThe crossover network on the TS-D components has been redesigned to significantly reduce the chassis size while maintaining the use of high quality capacitors, inductors and resistors.

The compact size improves installation flexibility, allowing the crossover to easily fit inconspicuously inside a door, under the dash or behind a panel. A selectable tweeter level switch (-3dB, 0dB, +3dB) also allows the output of the tweeter and woofer to be closely matched.



Installation Speaker Mounting Adapters Included

The component package offers multiple tweeter mounts and woofer/tweeter installation adapters to fit in many of the most popular and top selling vehicles on the road today.

The TS-D1730C includes a pair of 6? x 9? & 6-3/4? woofer/tweeter installation plates designed to mount the woofer and tweeter into factory door locations.

Pioneer TS-D1730C – FEATURES
Size 17cm (23mm)
Max Music Power (Nominal) 260W (60W)
Frequency Response 27Hz to 44kHz
Sensitivity 88dB
Impedance 4ohm
Cross Frequency 4,500Hz (with -12dB)
Mounting Depth 65mm / 13mm* (*Tweeter Specification)
Mounting Depth with Mount Adapter 45mm* (*with 6×9″ tweeter bracket)
Cut Out Dimensions 144mm

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