Rockford Fosgate RM1652W-MB Prime Marine 6.5″ Mini Wakeboard Tower Speaker – Black


Rockford  Fosgate Mini Wakeboard Tower Speakers


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Rockford Fosgate RM1652W-MB

Prime Marine 6.5″ Mini Wakeboard Tower Speaker – Black


The Rockford Fosgate RM1652W-MB is a black compact marine grade full-range speaker with a 6.5″ midrange and 1″ bridge mounted tweeter. Designed specifically for UTV audio and wake tower installations.

Rockford Fosgate’s RM marine grade standard takes into account the devastating effects of the outdoor environment and takes extreme measures to ensure optimum performance.

The RM1652W-MB is a black 6.5″ true marine grade speakers. Both speakers and high density poly-ethylene enclosures are treated with UV inhibitors and conform to UV and Salt-Fog industry standards.

An optional cast aluminum C-Clamp is available with near 100% rotation for unlimited flexibility.

  • True Marine Grade compliance
  • High density poly?ethylene enclosure with UV inhibitors
  • Near 360° rotational mounting capability for unlimited flexibility
  • Includes safety lanyard
  • Direct Malibu® mount (where applicable)
  • Comes loaded with Rockford Fosgate RM1652B Marine Speakers
  • Available in black only
  • 2 Year Standard Warranty

Klippel Verified

Klippel is a speaker certification program allowing us to deliver the best possible subwoofers.


To adorn the ‘Verified with Klippel’ mark, the qualifying company’s loudspeaker engineering personnel must be trained and certified by Klippel prior to using the three separate Klippel systems to design, develop and test: – Klippel DA-2 (Designed) – Klippel PM-8 (Developed) – Klippel QC (Tested) Rockford Fosgate has made the investment in Klippel to deliver the best possible subwoofers to our customers.

ASTM Test Standards

Marine Grade standards ensure resistance to extreme environments.


ASTM B117 salt/fog test standard provides accelerated aging in a controlled corrosive environment to produce relative corrosion resistance information for specimens of metals and coated metals.

ASTM D4329 test standard is intended to induce property changes associated with end-use conditions, including the effects of sunlight, moisture, and heat.


VAST Surround – Marine

U.S. Patent Patent Pending

The Vertical Attach Surround Technique significantly increases a subwoofer’s effective radiating cone area up to 25%.


Rockford Fosgate’s proprietary surround technique, VAST, provides up to a 25% increase in the speakers effective radiating cone area without complicated installation issues.

This design alters the typical design and manufacturing technique by eliminating the large flat glue surface area (the landing), which allows the surround to be shifted for increased cone area.

In turn, both nominal efficiency and maximum output capabilities are dramatically improved.


ICC Crossover


The Integrated Concealed Crossover hides the crossover inside the basket, creating a cleaner look and easier installation.


Element Ready – Wake Speakers

These wake tower speakers are protected against Dust, UV, Water, Corrosion, and feature Stainless hardware.


Rockford Fosgate knows that when you shop for speakers for your boat, UTV or motorcycle, you are looking for something that is not only going to sound amazing but stand up to the elements. We specify high grade UV resistant materials for our speaker housings and grilles and make sure that they meet ASTM testing standards. We also subject them to salt spray (fog) testing to make sure that exposure to the environment will not cause issues with corrosion, both from a hardware or electrical connection standpoint.

Dust – Rockford Fosgate make sure that displays and motor structures are sealed up tight so they look as clear as possible and perform day in and day out no matter how many times you hit the trails.
UV Inhibitor Materials – Centrex and ASA plastic materials are used for their UV radiation resistance and components are tested in accordance with ASTM D4329 testing and certification procedures.
Water Tested – IPX5 and IPX6 Ratings allow for the components to be directly sprayed with water without water incursion.
Corrosion Protection (Speakers) – Components are tested for salt spray corrosion resistance and conform to ASTM B117 certification.
Stainless Hardware –
Stainless hardware is used due to its natural resistance to corrosion and rusting. This ensures that electrical connections will not degrade over time due to exposure to the elements.


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