SatPlus Optima 75T Portable Satellite Dish

A Satellite system is the best option to get perfect reception any where in Australia.

A portable Satellite system is very popular and inexpensive solution for Caravaners and motorhome users who want to stay in touch with the world via the News or even keep up with their favourite show while traveling.

The Optima 75T Dish overcomes one of the biggest problems for travellers with portable Satellite dishes, storage. The Optima 75T overcomes this with it’s light weight fibreglass dish and the ability for it to fold down to 1/2 it’s size making it easier to store compared to many other options out in the market place at the moment.



SatPlus Optima 75T Portable Satellite Dish


Here’s a great way to watch your subscription pay TV channels while away in your van.  Bring along your Foxtel or Austar decoder from home and using our SatPlus Optima75T portable satellite system, you can access all of your favourite channels like Discovery, Nat Geo, movies and more virtually anywhere in Australia.  And, to top it off the SatPlus Optima75T systems are simply the best satellite systems available.


Whether travelling over a long weekend or permanently on the road, space matters in your van and everything has a place.  Fortunately the place for this system can be anywhere due to its compact size.  With its fold in half design, the Optima75T is half the space and all of the performance.  Store it on the floor, under the bed, in the back of the 4WD  or even the back seat.  It’s so compact and easy to use. Measuring only 75cm wide by 42cm tall it is half the size of any other system in Australia!


  • the tripod is easy to level up on uneven ground
  • the tripod stays still while the dish is rotated on the pole of the tripod so the movement is smooth
  • the dish can be taken off the tripod pole and mounted on a mast on the drawbar of your van (option)


The Optima75T ticks all the boxes.  Manufactured and assembled right here on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, the SatPlus Optima75T is the most durable, compact and functional satellite system available anywhere.  There is no better.

Unlike a standard metal dish, the SatPlus Optima75T with it’s fibreglass dish will not rust or twist out of shape.  And, with SatPlus custom made fold up LNB arm (also manufactured in Australia) there are less parts to assemble so quicker setup time than other tripod systems.



The Optima75T satellite dish folds in half into its included padded carry bag and the tripod also folds down and packs into a nice quality bag too.  This small, easy to store package is your key to reception all over Australia.  Half the size of anything else on the market and performance to match, it’s the ultimate satellite package.


The folding LNB arm fits snug inside the clam of the dish.


Remove both the dish and tripod from the bags, fit the pole clamp bracket onto the dish (two bolts), splay the legs of the tripod and slide the entire dish on to the tripod mast.

The Optima75T dish assembled and ready to be mounted on the included tripod. Note the telescopic LNB arm.

The LNB (amplifier on the front of the dish) is compatible with Austar and Foxtel and has a single cable wired from the dish.  This is suitable for all standard pay TV boxes and is included in this kit.  However, if you have MyStar or Foxtel IQ, you will require a twin output LNB with 2 cables coming from the dish and connected to your MyStar or Foxtel IQ decoder inside the van.   Please choose this option from above.  When you choose the twin LNB option, we’ll also upgrade the external coaxial cable (shown down the page) from a single 10m cable to a siamese twin 10m cable.

The Tripod supplied with the Optima75T features zinc coated legs, adjustable for uneven ground, bubble level, flat feet with peg holes and compact size – only 65cm long x 18cm wide when packed.



You’ll need to align your satellite dish to the satellite and to do this we include a needle and tone satellite finder as standard.  This is a basic meter as sold by most other satellite companies and does require a little patience and understanding to get the dish aligned correctly.  The meter is connected inline and gets its power from the connected coaxial cable coming from the van. A sensitivity dial is adjusted on the side of the finder and the dish is rotated until a signal is found.  This is indicated by a rise of the needle on the display.  If the needle goes off the scale, it can be adjusted lower and the dish fine tuned for maximum signal.  If no signal is being received by the decoder inside the van, then you may be on the wrong satellite.  Repeat the above until the next satellite is found.

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