Steelmate PTS400EX-F Front Parking Sensors

Front Parking Sensors.


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Steelmate PTS400EX-F

Front Parking Sensors.


Steelmate PTS400EX-F Front Parking Sensors

Steelmate front parking sensorPeople assume that front parking sensor is the same as the rear sensor system, on the contrary, the detection range and specifications for a front parking assist kit are different, as there are extensive electronic interference at the front.


Sound in motion can assist you with installation and we can also colour code your sensors to match your bumper for a factory looking finish.

Steelmate launched the first stick-on parking sensor in 1996. During the past 18 years, Steelmate have supplied parking sensors to car manufacturers as well as aftermarket clients like Sound In Motion.

Steelmate were the first company who produced the first stable wireless parking sensor PTS400Q in 1998; Steelmate also designed the best sensor 12B-09 with different angle bezels  and truck sensor housing that can be interchangeable to cater for different bumper shape and vehicle types.
Steelmates patented anti-false alert technology, self-test function and intelligent detection will make sure you will not be false alarmed during heavy rain, change of temperature or by your spare tyre or Tow-bar.
Steelmate recently launched OE look sensor (14D-13) will be suitable for people look for a flush mount sensor at a fraction of the factory sensor price.
Trust the industry leader, choose a kit with a beautiful and user-friendly display and install a Steelmate parking assist kit on your car and start reversing confidently, as you know you are backed-up by Steelmate—the leader in Parking sensor.


Steelmate PTS400EX-F Front Parking Sensors .4 Sensor Front Only Upgrade Kit With Buzzer.
The system can be programmed to ignore protrusions such as nudge  bars and is compatible with our visual display types listed in related products below. Can be used as a 2 Sensor system if required

Steelmate PTS400EX-F Front Parking Sensors – Key features:

  • 4 front sensor system with audible buzzer alert
  • Automatic audio mute function
  • Intelligent recognition of Bull-bar
  • Can be used as 2-sensor system
  • Can be upgraded to display (optional)
  • Designed for front bumper protection
  • Metal ECU case assures no interference with vehicle electronic system
  • Self-test function
  • Can be added to vehicles with existing rear parking systems
  • Detachable sensor with waterproof wire connector

Steelmate PTS400EX-F Front Parking Sensors – Technical parameters:

  • Voltage: 9~16V DC
  • Operating current: <250mA
  • Sensor installation height: 45~60cm
  • Detection range: 0.3~0.9m/1.0~2.9ft
  • Operating temperature: -40~+85/-40~+185
  • Buzzer SPL: 70~90dB

1 Year Warranty as per Steelmate Australia’s term and conditions

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