Zenec Z-E4626 Mercedes-Benz Navigation Solution

Zenec Z-E4626 Navigation Mercedes Benz Solution.

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Full Aust & NZ Mapping
  • 1 Year Free Map Updates



This product has been discontinued.


Zenec Z-E4626

Mercedes-Benz Navigation Solution


The Zenec Z-E4626 is Zenec‘s Navigation Multimedia Station for Mercedes-Benz.

The new innovative and intuitive user interface is modern and easy to use. Never get lost with the full iGO primo NextGen Navigation package for Australia & New Zealand.

Experience the best entertainment features with the high-tech multimedia system.

The powerful Parrot Bluetooth module gives you stress-free call and phone management as well as music streaming.

The DAB+ tuner system means you get clear radio reception and program variety.

The built-in CD/DVD drive and USB port gives you a variety of playback options with the latest audio and video formats.

Radio Operation

The Zenec Z-E4626 now comes with the ability to receive DAB+ radio, as well as AM/FM. The 4 built in tuners both complement and support each other, allowing the Zenec to give you high quality radio reception*.

Another great features is the dynamic background scan function on FM and DAB+. This especially comes in handy on longer drives, as the Zenec Z-N626 will constantly update the available stations list based on the stations giving the strongest and clearest reception.

Note *DAB+ antenna sold separately.

Zenec Z-E4626 – Tailored to your Mercedes-Benz

The Zenec Z-E4626 has been specifically developed for your Mercedes Benz, which is evidenced by the amber illumination and customized styling of the front panel, which means this ZENEC Navigation Multimedia Station blends in perfectly with various Mercedes-Benz models.

With the ability to integrate into the existing automotive electronics, the Zenec Z-E4626 can be linked to the Steering Wheel Controls via the vehicle-specific CAN Bus interface, provided your vehicle supports these features.


Steering Wheel Remote control integration

Camera Hard Button

With the included CAN interface, the Zenec Z-E4626 can easily be connected to the multifunction steering wheel controls in your vehicle. Both the audio and telephone buttons functions are supported. Not only will your camera picture show when you engage reverse, the CAM button allows direct control of the rear camera. This allows you to check the traffic conditions behind you, your bike carrier or something you may be towing all while driving forward.*

*Reverse Camera will need to wired accordingly


NextGen Navigation

The customised iGO primo NextGen Navigation package is the latest offering from market leader NNG. Included in the package are features like 4×4 Tracks, 3D Buildings, Text-to-Speech Voices, Safety Cameras and Enhanced Junction View which give you added confidence while being navigated.

Pre-loaded with the latest Australian & New Zealand map content as well as over 750,000 Premium POI, you’ll always know where you are and where you are going.
Note *1 year complimentary map updates are also included.


Made for i-POD/i-PHONE

The Zenec Z-N626 is made for iPod/iPhone*. This means that you can connect your device through the USB port and you can both charge your device and play music from it.

You can use the intuitive search function to easily find an Album, Artist or Song. The Zenec  Z-N626 also maintains the existing folder structure on your iPod/iPhone* so you can search through your playlists with ease. Any Apple Album Artwork will also be displayed on the device.

*Only compatible with devices using Apple Lightning connections.


Gracenote is an awesome feature for music lovers and is well known for its “More Like This“ and “Mood“ based playlist creation. Gracenote automatically scans MP3 music on your USB and creates a database, which in turn allows you to select the type of music that suits your mood.

Gracenote also enables you to create smart style and genre based playlists in USB playback.

Bluetooth Handsfree

Parrot are well known as one of the top leaders in Bluetooth technology. The Zenec Z-E4626 comes equipped with an advanced Bluetooth module that allows the connection of 2 phones simultaneously. If either of the connected phones receives a call, you can answer it through the Zenec system.

Up to 3 phones, each with up to 1,000 contacts, can be linked making phone pairing much smoother. The Contact Search function helps you easily find a contact on any paired phone or add up to 8 favourites to be able to quickly call those closest to you.

Zenec Z-E4626 – Features:

GPS Navigation System

 – Full iGO primo NextGen Australian & New Zealand mapping
– Pre-installed navigation on 16 GB microSD card
– TTS Pro voice guidance
– Premium POI bundle (Points of Interest)
– Realistic 3D rendering of terrain, landmarks, city centers and turns
– Lane assistance and Real Signpost Rendering
– Tunnel mode
– External GPS receiver
– Complimentary map updates for 1 year

Parrot Bluetooth

 – Pairing of up to 3 mobile phones
– Simultaneous use of 2 mobile phones (dual mode)
– Synchronization of 1,000 phone book contacts (up to 5 per connected phone)
– Program up to 8 Favourites across all paired phones
– Search function for phonebook contacts
– DSP audio signal processing for noise masking
– Internal or external microphone
– Updatable firmware


 – CD/DVD drive, DVD regional code 2
– USB port with database-driven search function
– Made for iPod/iPhone
– Multi-tuner Radio system with DAB+: 2 x UKW/MW tuner, 2 x DAB tuner, preset stations: 18
– Music streaming via Bluetooth, A2DP and AVRCP 1.4
– Gracenote “More like this“ & “Mood“ USB media management
– Powerful DSP with vehicle type optimized defaults. 11-band parametric equalizer, time correction (0 – 8.9 ms)

General Features

 – Vehicle Specific naviceiver
– 8“/20.3 cm touch screen
– Amber key illumination
– Anti-theft system via password


 – 4.2/5.1 Preamp outputs (3 V)
– A/V input
– Video input for rear view camera with adjustable grid lines and micro-phone audio support
– Multi Zone function with 2 x video outputs and 2.0 preamp outputs (preamp outputs with fixed volume)
– 4 x 50 watts amplifier
– USB 2.0 port
– Made for iPhone/iPod with lightening connection only. Please note: Apple devices with 30 pin are not supported.

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