SNEAK PEAK! Holden VF Commodore – Alpine X901D-VF 9″ Navigation Solution

SNEAK PEAK! Holden VF Commodore – Alpine X901D-VF 9″ Navigation Solution



Holden VF Commodore – Alpine X901D-VF – 9″ Navigation Solution.


Alpine X901D-VF

Alpine Australia has announced a highly engineered bespoke infotainment solution for the Holden VF Commodore.


This solution has been well over a year in development, many (many) man hours in the making and will not only offer purchasers of the Commdore VF an unparalleled experience but, as you will see in the images, also lifts the interior of the Holden Commodore VF to a whole new level of sophistication !

Once again at ALPINE is bucking the trend and showing the way forward with premium high-end vehicle navigation solutions.

Alpine X901D-VF

Darren Gray Managing Director Alpine Australia further explains,

“Everything perfectly integrates into the vehicle’s electrical system, including car settings, HVAC and park assist.

The HVAC is displayed on the head unit when adjusted and the vehicle setup modes and functions are performed through the head unit.”

With the VF Commodore being the end of an era for local production of this iconic vehicle, Alpine are proud to offer a fitting tribute to Holden fans in the form of this stunning solution.


The Commodore VF is infamous for its nigh impossible to modify dash/console area due to a lack of real estate space in the location behind the factory LCD screen/head unit and because of the air conditioning control panel.

What’s more, the various logic controls and components are in different locations so the upgrading to an aftermarket conventional 2-DIN multimedia head unit is a task that has not been adopted by installers.

But Alpine thought otherwise. Commendably, the company has spent considerable R&D resources in order to develop a bespoke solution that is unique to the market.


A new member of Alpine’s growing ‘Car Fit’ family, the Alpine X901D-VF multimedia infotainment solution for VF incorporates all the aspects required for full and all-in-one integration such as the display itself, the buttons assembly, a seamlessly integrated fascia, the ‘brain’ box, and an optional DVD drive.

The Alpine X901D-VF features a massive 9-inch high quality touch screen, GPS navigation, Bluetooth for hands-free and music playback, Alpine’s unique split screen feature and all the functionality and features befitting a flagship product.


The Alpine X901D-VF will be available Q4 2016 and will be priced at $2999 or $3499 including the DVD drive.


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